October 1993


Mr. Malhi was first elected to the House of Commons in the federal election held in the year 1993, defeating Progressive Conservative incumbent Harry Chadwick and Reformer, Darlene Florence in Bramalea-Gore-Malton. Prior to 1993, Canadian law prohibited members of Parliament from wearing headgear of any sort in the House of Commons. Mr. Malhi’s insistence on wearing a turban caused the law to be changed shortly after the election.


Election Results

Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Gurbax Malhi 16,530 42.9%
Reform Darlene Florence 11,376 29.5%
Progressive Conservative Harry Chadwick 7,338 19%
New Democratic Paul Ledgister 1,977 5.1%
National Jack Ardis 480 1.2%
Natural Law Bill Davies 279 0.7%
Independent John E. Maxwell 261 0.7%
Green Bill Emms 215 0.6%
Marxist–Leninist Iqbai Sumbal 89 0.2%
Total valid votes 38,545 100%

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