Mr. Malhi actively supported the leadership campaign of the current Prime Minister of Canada, Rt. Honourable Justin Trudeau.

Malhi campaigned against Baljit (Bal) Gosal, Jagmeet Singh Dhaliwal, John Moulton, Frank Chilelli. Baljit (Bal) Gosal won the Bramalea, Gore, Malton Seat.

Election Results

Party Candidate Votes %
Conservative Baljit (Bal) Gosal 19,907 34.44%
New Democratic Jagmeet Singh Dhaliwal 19,368 33.51%
Liberal Gurbax Singh Malhi 16,402 29.40%
Green John Moulton 1,748 3.02%
Marxist–Leninist Frank Chilelli 371 0.64%
Total valid votes 57,796 100%

Mr. Malhi was elected for the sixth time in the year 2008 over Conservative candidate Stella Ambler and New Democrat candidate Jash Puniya.

Election Results

Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Gurbax Malhi 22,214 45.0%
Conservative Stella Ambler 18,350 37.2%
New Democratic Jash Puniya 5,935 12.0%
Green Mark Pajot 2,545 5.2%
Marxist–Leninist Frank Chilelli 309 0.6%
Total valid votes 29,353 100%

In the 2006 federal election, Mr. Malhi was elected over Conservative candidate John Sprovieri and New Democrat candidate Cesar Martello.

Election Results

Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Gurbax Malhi 25,349 50.7%
Conservative John Sprovieri 16,310 32.6%
New Democratic Cesar Martello 6,400 12.8%
Green Ernst Braendli 1,721 3.4%
Marxist–Leninist Frank Chilelli 233 0.5%
Total valid votes 50,013 100%

In 2005, Mr. Malhi also acted as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, Hon. Belinda Stronach.

From 2005 to 2006, Mr. Malhi served as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Revenue, Hon. John McCallum.

Mr. Malhi was re-elected in the 1997 election defeating the Reform candidate Darlene Florence and Progressive Conservative candidate Beryl Ford.

Election Results

Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Gurbax Malhi 18,933 46.4%
Progressive Conservative Beryl Ford 10,655 26.1%
Reform Darlene Florence 8,685 21.3%
New Democratic Abdul Majeed 2,281 5.6%
Marxist–Leninist Philip Fernandez 279 0.7%
Total valid votes 40,833 100.0%

Won the nomination election against Inderjit Bal, Raminder Gill and Pam Gill. Became the official candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada – Bramalea Gore Malton.